Essential Tools Required for Rock Removal

With all the development that is going on in and around our city regions there comes a need for clearing away debris to make space for new buildings, roads, etc.

The process of rock removal can be an exhausting task especially if there are no tools designed for it. A lot of time and energy goes into this process as well as the risk of injury.

What is the best way to efficiently go about rock removal? What tools are required for this task?

The essential tools that are required for rock removal are listed below. Some of these can be rented or purchased instead of buying them, but it can still prove costly in the end not to mention heavy on your wallet.

Rock Drill

A rock drill is the most important tool required for this task. It has an attachment that rotates which cuts through rocks with ease. The drill operates by applying pressure over time to the surface of the rock breaking it down into smaller pieces that can then be removed by hand or other tools or machines.

This machine does not require a lot of maintenance and can be used for years with the proper care.

Rock Jackhammer

This machine is very similar to an air jackhammer, but instead of running on electricity it runs on gasoline which makes it portable. This tool is useful in drilling through rocks that are difficult or impossible to drill by hand depending on their size and hardness.

Rock Saw

This machine is run by electricity and can be rented from construction equipment hire companies for a limited time period. It works much the same as a jigsaw does, but it has a circular blade that rotates at high speed to cut through rocks with ease. This tool also requires less effort than the other two required tools.

Hand tools such as spades, pickaxes and sledgehammers are also required for clearing large rocks that cannot be broken down by the three machines listed above. Some of these hand tools can be rented or bought from machinery hire companies along with the other two machines.